Company Sparring in English – Eliisa Moilanen


For situations you need someone to talk to your concerns and share your thoughts.
Sometimes you may need just a gentle push to the right direction.

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Company Sparring in English – Eliisa Moilanen

  • Are you stuck with your own thoughts?
  • No progress nor results?
  • Feeling down or insecure regarding your business?
  • Looking for a second opinion and constructive feedback to your business ideas?
  • How to get started?
Support, tips and hints, new ideas, advice and guidance.
Help and support for daily business life in small companies with trust and total
confidentiality utilizing the wide network of Redesan people.
* Focus on small business companies – focus on You as a person
* New ideas to your business
* Help for prioritizing the most important and the most urgent things
* Need to share your thoughts and ideas with someone who understands
We keep the terms and actions simple and inspiring –  That’s our promise.
Buy a one hour sparring session and book the best time slot for yourself.
Available also via Skype or a webinar.

Business trainer Eliisa Moilanen, Redesan Oy

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